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Weird Things with Chocolate March 23, 2009

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1.  Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? The Mayans used to use cocoa beans as a form of currency.

2. Body paint. Chocolate has become more than just a treat, now you can actually paint yourself in chocolate.

3. Used to fight tooth decay. It was found that an extract of cocoa has been more effective than fluoride.

4. Healthy Skin. Cocoa butter is a wonderful moisturizing body lotion.

5. Spa Treatments. Chocolate has antioxidants that is great for your skin. You can indulge in milk chocolate baths and chocolate fondue wraps.

6. Perfume. Perfume was made claiming the aroma is a male aphrodisiac.


Sowden, M. (2009, January 16). 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Chocolate. In Ecosalon. Retrieved
March 22, 2009, from


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