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Chocolate Fondue March 23, 2009

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Chocolate restaurants have become very popular in the last few years, many offer chocolate fondue. This is a fun and delicious way to treat your loved one. With restaurants such as the Melting Pot, they offer varieties of chocolate fondue to choose from: milk chocolate, smores, Oreo, and many others. They also come with variety of tasty food to dip into these melted chocolates like strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, angel food cake, brownies, and marshmallows. Chocolate fondue is a new way to impress your date. It’s a fun and different approach to just a fancy dinner. It can be a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it.

And if you don’t want to go and spend the money, it is very easy to make at home. All you need is chocolate bars to melt, a fondue set, and a few foods to cover in chocolate.


Chocolate Song!

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This is pretty funny. I found this on YouTube, it’s a funny song about chocolate. It’s a little silly but amusing!


Virtual Chocolate

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So after browsing the internet for more ideas about chocolate, I came across a web site dedicated to chocoholics. It has chocolate cards, chocolate bookstore, a link to become a certified chocoholic, computer wallpapers of chocolate, and a whole bunch of other things about chocolate. Check it out!!!


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Weird Things with Chocolate

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1.  Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? The Mayans used to use cocoa beans as a form of currency.

2. Body paint. Chocolate has become more than just a treat, now you can actually paint yourself in chocolate.

3. Used to fight tooth decay. It was found that an extract of cocoa has been more effective than fluoride.

4. Healthy Skin. Cocoa butter is a wonderful moisturizing body lotion.

5. Spa Treatments. Chocolate has antioxidants that is great for your skin. You can indulge in milk chocolate baths and chocolate fondue wraps.

6. Perfume. Perfume was made claiming the aroma is a male aphrodisiac.


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Hershey’s Kiss Commercial March 10, 2009

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This is Hershey’s Kisses new commercial that I got from YouTube. I thought it was really entertaining. Enjoy!


Delicious Types of Chocolate

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So we all know and love chocolate. But, do you know the many different types of chocolate? The most commonly known types are dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. But, the list doesn’t stop there! Yes you chocoholics, there are more types.

But first you should know that each type of chocolate is determined by the amount of cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, amount of sugar, and other various ingredients.

  • Unsweetened Chocolate– This is more commonly known as the “bitter” or “baking” chocolate. This type is made completely out of chocolate liquor, which is purely grounded cocoa bans. This type is not meant to eat on its one. In fact this is a common ingredient in many baking recipes and in recipes for other types of chocolate.
  • Bittersweet Chocolate-This type is made of about 50% of chocolate liquor and sugar. Mostly this type is deeper and has a a bitter flavor.
  • Dark Chocolate-Dark chocolate is composed of chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, and leicitin. This type can vary on the sweetness since many of the darker chocolates fall into this category.
  • Milk Chocolate-This type clearly contains more milk substances than other forms of chocolate. For this product, it contains cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, milk chocolate, and condensed milk or dry milk solids. Milk chocolate is known for it’s sweet and creamy taste. And also has a recognizably lighter color than dark chocolate.
  • White Chocolate– This chocolate is very different from the rest. not just from its color, but white chocolate does not contain chocolate liquor or any other cocoa products besides cocoa butter. This makes the chocolate not have a taste before vanilla or other flavorings are added. Usually this type has over 55% sugar content in the recipe.
  • Couverture Chocolate– This is considered the highest quality of chocolate. This type is generally used in truffles and other high-end candies. Same ingredients as the other dark or milk chocolates, this chocolate has a much higher fat content, which allows it to melt easier.

These are just a few types of chocolate found in the chocolate industry. Ones that were not mention are Cocoa Powder, Compound Chocolate, Chocolate Coating, and Semi-Sweet Chocolate.


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Production of Chocolate March 9, 2009

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More interesting than reading my version of how chocolate is made, I’ve found this really cool video on YouTube about how chocolate is produced. It has a lot of really interesting facts and images. I swear it is not boring!!

Check it out!!